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There is an exciting opportunity to bring forward an education-led scheme with new homes in Plaistow.


  • The site, 259 Plaistow Road, is located to the northwest of Plaistow underground station.
  • The location has excellent transport links and a local cycleway and footpath (Greenway), which can support a scheme like this.
  • The site was previously occupied by a car dealership (Ford).
  • It is now a vacant brownfield, inaccessible site.
  • The area is changing. In 2019, Newham Council granted planning approval for a 323-home scheme brought forward by Londonewcastle on the site.
  • The Department for Education acquired the site from Londonewcastle. LocatED is now preparing a new vision with their appointed development partner, Countryside Properties Plc.
  • Plaistow Hub, which is being brought forward by Populo Living, will create new homes, a new public square and a community hub nearby.

Existing Site

How the proposals could look

Ground floor sketch showing layout of uses across the site

OUR Vision

Plaistow Place will be an integral part of the community, offering existing and new residents more facilities and opportunities to grow, flourish and enjoy.

Sketch of view from Plaistow Road

Our carefully considered masterplan will include:

    A school for the local community

    New 800 pupil secondary school and sixth form for children from 11 to 18 years, operated by the Big Education Trust, who also run the ‘Ofsted’ outstanding School 21 in Stratford.

    New homes to meet a range of needs

    Around 400 much needed, high-quality new homes, providing a mix of places catering for a range of needs and incomes.

    New community facilities

    The school facilities will be available to the community to use outside of school hours, alongside a dedicated new community space.

    New employment opportunities for local people

    At the new school, shops and workspaces, and during construction.

    New employment opportunities for local people

    Into a high-quality and thoughtfully designed place, with new public spaces, landscaping and planting.


    Sketch of how the main school entrance could look

    The Department for Education estimates that Newham will require almost 1,600 new places over the next five years.(1)

    800 additional secondary school places are also required by the start of the 2023/24 academic year. (1)

    After a rigorous site selection process, 259 Plaistow Road, in the heart of Plaistow, has been identified as the most suitable and appropriate location.

    The delivery of school places on the site is supported by the Borough’s ‘Places for All – The School Place Planning Strategy 2020-25’ vision document

    The Big Education Trust has been selected as the educational partner to run the new school.

    The Trust already has an excellent track record in the Borough and operates the Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ School 21 in Stratford.

    Our aim is for the school to open in September 2023.
    (1) Local authority/Department for Education data

    Sketch of the proposals showing how the school atrium could look

    New Homes

    To support a range of needs

    Sketch of the proposals showing how the homes could look

    Newham’s Local Plan (2018) aims to deliver 43,000 new homes by 2033 providing a mixture of market, affordable and social homes(2).

    This site has been allocated as a location that can help deliver these homes.
    We want to support the Borough to achieve its housing targets, as well as improve on the consented scheme, by providing more homes that cater for a variety of needs.
    We are looking to deliver around 400 homes, including market, social and intermediate tenures.
    The delivery of new homes will cross subsidise the delivery of the new school.
    (2) Newham Local Plan 2018


    School 21 has successfully embedded itself in the community in Stratford.
    The school continues to lead on and deliver their own initiatives for local people, and most recently, supporting local families during the pandemic through free school meals.
    Big Education Trust is committed to a similar approach at all their schools.
    School 21 continues to make its current facilities available for local residents at discounted rates.
    The school will adopt a similar approach here, making the future classrooms and sports pitches available for the community to use.

    We will also provide a dedicated community space for local residents.

    Photo from School 21

    New Employment opportunities

    New employment opportunities will be created through the school, workspaces and shops.

    These workspaces and shops could be used for a variety of purposes – including collaborative and flexible workspaces and a café.
    The construction process will also provide many new employment opportunities for the community, as well as apprenticeships and training.
    We will work with local business groups to ensure as many jobs as a possible go to local people.


    Plaistow Place will include high-quality public spaces, landscaped areas and tree lined streets, providing an inviting and pleasant environment to live, study and work.

    We will safeguard the land to enable the possible delivery of a future greenlink, which would connect the site to the existing Greenway.

    A series of new shops will be located along Plaistow Road.
    The residential element will be car-free.
    New residents, pupils and their parents will be encouraged to walk, cycle and use public transport.
    We will use modern technologies and measures to reduce carbon emissions.
    The height and massing will be in keeping with the emerging context around the tube station.
    The tallest element will be no higher than Plaistow Hub, and located to the south of the site, away from our closest neighbours on Corporation Street.
    The heights of the buildings will then reduce significantly towards the northern end of the site along Corporation Street.

    A school on this site aligns with the Council’s ‘Places for All – The School Place Planning Strategy 2020-25’ vision document.

    Have your say

    We want to ensure Plaistow Place includes all the aspects that makes an area a place where you want to spend time.

    Let us know what you think this area needs and the role Plaistow Place can play in this by filling out our short survey here.