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Q1: What is Plaistow Place?

Plaistow Place will be an integral part of the community, offering existing and new residents more facilities and opportunities to grow, flourish and enjoy.


  • A new ‘Outstanding’ school for the local community
  • First-class school facilities available for the community to use
  • Homes to meet a range of needs
  • New places to eat and shop
  • A dedicated community space
  • New employment opportunities for local people
  • New public spaces, children’s playspaces, and outdoor areas to eat and relax
Q2: Why do we need a new secondary school here?
  • Newham Council estimates that the Borough will require over 570 additional secondary school places by the start of the 2023/24 academic year(1).
  • A further 854 secondary school places will be required by 2024-26(1).
  • The DfE and the Council have earmarked the site to meet that need.
  • School 21 in Stratford is a hugely successful school and is delighted to extend its education vision to Plaistow to operate this new school.
  • This will deliver an important community asset in the area.
  • Our aim is for the school to open in September 2023.
Q3: How will this be a school for the local community?
  • The new school will bring a number of exciting facilities for the community to use, including:
    • An indoor sports hall
    • Sports pitches and two multi-use outdoor games areas
    • A performance centre for drama, music and live events
    • Teaching rooms and IT facilities for adult learning courses
    • A café and dining area, which can host community and social events
  • School 21 has also been supporting local families, charities and businesses for a number of years – most recently during the pandemic.
  • The school is excited to bring this approach to Plaistow – supporting the local community with fundraising events and volunteering.
Q4: Who will these new homes be available for?
  • The proposals will provide over 320 new homes across a mix of tenures, including over 80 affordable and intermediate homes.
  • This is a similar number of homes to the consented scheme.
  • The new homes will cross-subsidise the delivery of the new school.
Q5: What other facilities will be available for the local community?
  • Plaistow Place will include high-quality public spaces, landscaped areas and tree-lined streets, providing an inviting and pleasant environment to live, study and work.
  • A number of new public spaces will be provided, providing ample places for people to eat, relax and meet with friends and family. These spaces will include children’s playspaces. Other spaces will be able to host community events throughout the year.
  • We are working with the Council to enable the possible delivery of a future greenlink, connecting the site to the existing Greenway.
  • A series of new retail spaces will be located along Plaistow Road.
Q6: Will there be new employment opportunities for local people?
  • The school, retail spaces and flexible workspaces on offer will provide a number of new employment opportunities for local people.

Q7: What was the feedback from the first consultation and how have you incorporated people’s feedback?
  • The feedback from the first consultation in November 2020 showed that the local community would like to see more outdoor areas to eat and relax, new food shops and cafés, public spaces, flexible spaces for evening classes, and for the school’s facilities to be open to the public to use (particularly for sports and evening classes).
  • Since then, we have evolved our designs to make sure that we can deliver all of the above at Plaistow Place.
  • You can find more detail on the feedback received from the first consultation by clicking on the link here.
Q8: How will new residents and pupils travel to and from Plaistow Place?
  • This scheme will encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.
  • Students will be encouraged to use the excellent public transport services on offer, as well as walk and/or cycle to and from the school. Vehicle movements to the site will therefore be minimal.
  • The residential element of the scheme will be car-free, with the exception of disabled parking bays.
Q9: Why are you demolishing the buildings on the site now?
  • Works began in January 2021 to remove the vacant buildings on the site, undertaken by contractors Soilfix.
  • This is to prepare the site for future construction works, which will require planning permission from Newham Council.
Q10: How will the height and design of the buildings impact residents?
  • This scheme draws inspiration from the local architecture across Plaistow, providing three predominantly brick buildings of the highest quality.
  • Our proposals respond to the site’s allocation set by Newham Council, which allows a building of up to 20 storeys and complements the new schemes coming forward.
  • This scheme will form an integral part of the family of buildings being brought forward around the train station, including Plaistow Hub.
  • For more information on the height and massing of our proposals, please click here.